PROMOFOOD is one of the most important food companies in Tunisia. It is specialized in the import and export of selected food products. It is the exclusive distributor of LINDT, the world leader of Swiss chocolate, and of LAY’S from PEPSICO in snacks. It has also developed its own brand BRAVA in coffee and chicory,  and SAVEURS in canned vegetables, canned Tuna, condiments, olive oil … .

Encouraged by its great success in agri-food products in the local market, Promofood started the export of its own brands, Brava and Saveurs.

Thanks to its expertise and innovative methods together with its constant quest for growth, Promofood provides its customers, in neighboring countries and in other regions of the world, with high-quality products that fulfill their requirements.



  • During these 17 years, Promofood has been using ambitious and effective means for the sole purpose of fully meeting the requirements of its customers.
  • The quality and uniqueness of its products.
  • A perfect mastery of the import market and its various distribution channels.
  • Successful energy of its business team.
  • A dynamic innovation strategy for logistics and direct distribution of the products.


  • Our mission is to bring products allowing customers to maximize their well-being in everyday life to the market.
  • Ensure continuous improvement and enhancement to our existing range for optimal performance in our markets.
  • Becoming 'Reference' for commercial network to our suppliers, partners and consumers .
  • Create new alternatives that best suits the needs of our customers.

Goals and Commitments

  • To achieve our main goal, which is to guarantee our customers impeccable service from order to delivery, Promofood is committed to strengthening its relationship with its partners, from suppliers, retailers, distributors to consumers.
  • Promofood aims to maintain its leading position in Tunisia in the import and distribution of highly selected food products.
  • Promofood plans to expand to the export of its own brands Brava and Saveurs to new markets and ensure their international recognition.

Sales Force

  • With their experience and expertise, the Promofood team is a veritable gold mine with a professional potential: Dynamic and focused on the satisfaction of our clients.
  • Our professionals work mainly with:
    • An approach 'Smart' in the selection of products to introduce to the market.
    • Anticipation of customer expectations and the evaluation of its assessments to build his sales pitch.
    • The market analysis and buying habits of the consumer in order to find solutions to boost sales.

Logistics and network

  • A traceability assurance in inventory management and sharp computerized flow control systems.
  • Quality commitment to people management, flexibility and transparency in the operation of distribution platforms.
  • A transport quality through a 15 truck equipped vehicle fleet.
  • The products are packed in pallets compliant with European standards.
  • Perfect timing of each link optimizes the control of territorial network, and the delivery of orders and the supply to the outlets are at the right time and cost.
  • A guarantee of proper and frequent presence of all its products.